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Safety Outdoors

hikers Outdoors saftey

The New Zealand outdoors is great we have mountain climbing, hiking and tramping, hunting and fishing and a host of other outdoor activites at our door step, but with any outdoor trip even for a one day trip you need to take precautions, using the grey matter in your head plays a big part of out door safety, you do not start a hiking trip in an approaching storm or a fishing trip in adverse weather conditions, things can turn nasty very quickly and you need to be prepared for any thing that may happen, if you are unsure of the conditions postpone the trip for another day when the conditions are appropriate.   

Plan Your Trip

When you are planing a new outdoor adventure be it tramping or a hunting and fishing trip, talk to the locals first, and get to know any dangers or cautions that you may encounter and the amount of time that your walk or hiking trip will take, and most importantly tell some one where you are going and what time you are returning.

Check The Weather Forcast

​All ways check the weather forcast for the area you are planing your trip for, and not only check the day of your trip but several days before and several days post trip then you will have an idea what to expect weather wise, carry the appropriate clothing with you even for a day trip as wet clothes in the middle of a winter tramping trip is not fun.   

Know Your Physical Limits

​When you are planing a 5 day hiking trip to the southern alps you do not just turn up and expect to hike in the mountains for 5 days you need to prepare your body months in advance, and at least be able to walk your longest day in your preparations, and remember to train with your backpack on with the same weight you need on you trip

Te Arai Point
Lake Maraetai


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