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Mahurangi Regional Park


Part One Mahurangi West

The Mahurangi regional park consists of two separate areas Mahurangi West and Mahurangi East separated by the Mahurangi Harbour, Mahurangi to access Mahurangi West: Drive north on State Highway 1 Around 6km past Wenderholm Regional Park, take a right into Mahurangi West Road then directly into Ngarewa Drive and carry on to the end of the road.

To access Mahurangi East and Scott point: Take State Highway 1 to Warkworth and follow the signs to Snells Beach. Roughly 1km past Snells Beach, take a right into Ridge Road and drive to the end.

Mahurangi West sits right at the entrance to the harbour and is exposed to the open ocean and easterly swells, there is a walking track out and around the headland that offers fantastic veiws of the islands. and an other walking track to another more secluded beach and camping site, and you can also walk right around to the entrance of the Puhoi river although this is as far as you can go as the river prevents you going further. 

There are three camping grounds located in the park two at Mahurangi West  and one located in Mahurangi East, the main one is Sullivans bay campground Mahurangi West, which is where you drive to at the end of the road and Te Muri Bay campground which is on the other side of the headland and is foot access only but is more secluded than Sullivans bay campground.

The camp grounds are run by the Auckland city council and bookings are required at all times you can not just rock up and expect to stay there, also dogs are prohibited in all Regional park camping grounds all over the country. Sullivans bay is a awsome place to take a kayak.

 You can launch right of the beach and Saddle Island is with in easy distance from the shore as is Dairy Bay on the other side of the Harbour entrance although you need to pick the right conditions as the coast is exposed to swells from the east. Sullivans bay can get very crowded in the summer weekends as the park area is very small but there is alot of coastline to explore here and you can spend an entire day walking around.  

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Mahurangi Regional Park Part 2
Routeburn Track


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