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Kayak To Puhoi

puhoi river

This enjoyable kayak trip starts at wenderholm on the puhoi river where it meets the ocean, the turn off is on the Hibiscus coast high way north of Waiwera hotpools turn right into Schischika road which takes you onto the wenderholm park, here you can explore the park and the surrounding native bush or head out to the sandy beach, this place can get a little crowded during the summer months.You can hire canoes at puhoi river canoe hire if you do not have your own.

The best time to head up the river estuary is on the incoming tide as this makes it a little easier going against the flow of the river which is not alot but if you head upstream on the out going tide you will be head on to the tidal flow as well, there are mangrove trees tidal pools etc to explore all the up to puhoi and you can stop at the puhoi pub which is located on the side of the river.

Outside of the puhoi river on the coast there is another little estuary just north of here you could explore as well, also a tad south of here is the waiwera estuary which is larger than the puhoi river and goes along way up into the surrounding farmland the Waiwera trip is an all day one if you want to travel any distance up there.

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Sunday, 27 May 2018