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Urquharts Bay To Ocean Beach

urquharts Bay

​This is another area well worth launching the kayak from, head down urquharts bay road which is off the Whangarei heads road, and follow to the end there is not much parking here, you can park on the side of the road further back though.

conditions have to be good here to kayak as this is an exposed coast line, just remember when heading around busby head that you are in a shipping channel, there are old gun emplacements dotted around here from the war.

From smugglers bay around to ocean beach there are nooks and crannys to explore all over the place, you can walk around most of this coast area but it is fairly ruggerd. I know there is a walking track to the mountain summit somewhere. There are walking tracks dotted around Busby head as well, this place is well worth a visit you could spend a full day just walking around the tracks and coastline

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Sunday, 27 May 2018