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The Tongariro River

Tongariro River

​Turangi New Zealand this area is best known for the famous Tongariro river, and anglers flock here from all around the world just to fish for the trout here, the river system origin starts up in the foot hills of Mount Ruapahu and the volcanic plateau and feeds down into the main river system. 

The upper reaches of the river are closed off to fishing to allow the trout to spawn during the season, the more well known pools like the bridge pool, admirals pool and the Major Jones pool get the most attention from the anglers, to fish these waters you need a Taupo trout fishing license which is only valid for the Taupo fishery, a license for the rest of the country is not vaild at Taupo. 

The trout in the Tongariro are usually in excellent condition due to an abundent food source how ever catfish and other introduced species are also growing at an alarming rate here as well. For the non anglers in the family there are endless activities here, you can visit the trout hatchery and wildlife center just out of Turangi there is a cycle walk trail along the river banks and in the winter you have all the ski fields nearby as well. 

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