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Taiharuru Peninsula

Taiharuru Peninsula

 This area was one of my favorite places to visit, i have been here many times in the past with the kayak tied to the roof of the 4x4, and launching out of McGregors bay to go and land on the rocks off the end of the peninsula for some land based fishing.

This part of the coast line is quite ruggared and you need to pick the right conditions very carefully when heading out in a kayak here or else things can turn nasty very quickly.

The trip out and around the end of the peninsula from water level is just awsome, there are two islands to explore just of the coast Moturewa island although they are small it is still interesting to have a look.

As you turn at the end and head back down the other side you can go inside the three islands and explore or go outside and continue to Pataua. The two tidal river systems of pataua and Taiharuru are also worth a look in the kayak.

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Sunday, 27 May 2018