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Fishing The Top End

Located at the very top of the North Island of New Zealand Tapotupotu is remote, there is are no services, shops of any description here which is what makes places like this attractive, the fishing ledges here are easy to access making them vulnerable to over fishing. The first main ledge here is to the left of the beach and an easy walk along the rocks untill you can go no further, the water here is fairly deep and you can expect to catch Kahawai small snapper and good sized kingfish, any northerly swell here can be extremely dangerous and there are strong currents running past these rocks. 

If you want to chase big snapper and you have access to a kayak then heading out left you will find some remote rock ledges to land on, once again you need to pick the right conditions as this length of coastline is extremely dangerous. The second easy to access ledge is over the tidal river and at low tide you can cross the river to the other side walk along untill you came to a big cut out in the rocks this is as far as you can go, this area is good for Kahawai and snapper just remember you will not be able to get back at high tide. 

Spirits Bay

 Spirits bay beach is a long sandy beach, the island directly in front is Pananehe island which is accessible at low tide and an easy place to catch a kahawai for dinner, for the more adventurous fisherman you head out right onto the rocks the first point you come to is rod holders which is fairly well known to New Zealand landbased game anglers, as you carry on you will come to bucks ledge probably one of the more well known fishing locations in New Zealand. this spot is not safe for people who have not been here before, there are dangerous currents and rouge waves that wash in this place you have to pick your conditions.

For the extreme angler walk up to the top of the headland and right at the point is an extremely notorious and dangerous track down to Hoppers point, Hoppers cannot be accessed from bucks ledge as there is a huge cave filled with water over the top is the only option, you need a rope to access here as one slip can be your last, but once you are down there you are on one of the best land based game fishing ledges in New Zealand, the ledge is fairly long and wide and there are some big tidal pools to keep Kahawai live baits in, but bring a net with you or you will never catch them again, marlin, tuna and big sharks they are all possible from here.

This location is accessible by inflatables launched from spirits bay but only if you have the right equipment experience and saftey gear with you, the north cape rocks can be accessed from here also although only for the very experienced and brave landbased person.

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