Woodhill Forest


​Woodhill forest located north west of Auckland is a absolute adventure playground, apart from the secluded drive through the pine forest there are many walking tracks up and down the coastline, you can go hiking in the forest rain or shine as the area is sand based through out the forest and when walking in the forest keep to formed tracks other wise you may get lost which is actually quite easy to do when you are surrounded by tall trees. 

The tree adventure company operates tree adventures just out from Waimauku township and you can swing around through the trees on ropes if your keen on heights. The same general area is operated by the woodhill mountain bike park, the tracks are rideable in all weather as the tracks are sand based so if you want to stay fit visit the mountain bike park, you can hire mountain bikes at the venue and is really alot of fun, although you need good base fitness as riding in sand is not easy.

Further up the main highway and off Rimmers road is the sandpit an offroad riding area for motor bikes once again rideable in all weather as the traks are sand based and there are some really cool single tracks all through the park well worth a visit.

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